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5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs a Website

There will always be arguments for and against the requirement to have a website for your event. There are some really great tools out there that help you manage and promote your event for little to no cost (anyone can easily set up a Facebook event), but if you’re serious about your event you need to look and be the real deal.


  1. It looks far more professional. If you have a shop window that looks new, is regularly updated and seems legit, potential delegates are far more likely to trust that you’re the real McCoy and hand over their cash for your tickets.
  2. You’re in control! Eventbrite and Facebook are great for planning your events but with your own website you have full creative license and can add the information you want, when and where you want.
  3. Branding. Consistent branding is important for any professional event and you have far more opportunity to brand a website than an even page. 
  4. It’s just for you! Your website only looks at your event. More than ever, it’s easy for your event to get lost in the noise of other events and content but you’re not fighting for the attention of your audience in your own space.
  5. The best of all worlds. You can have your event website as your ‘HQ’ and still use social and events platforms to plug into/promote your event. 


We’ve created and refreshed many event websites in the past and clients have been surprised and impressed by how these changes have been a game changer when it comes to their marketing and sales strategy. Contact us to see how we can assist you