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7 Easy Ways to Grow and Nurture Your Email List

Like any good relationship, your relationship with your subscribers needs attending to for it to remain healthy. Unfortunately, if you don’t, your email database can degrade and this means that the benefits of your list will decline. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some quick ways to grow a great quality email list. This can be because of things like people changing email address or sporadic contact with your subscribers. Here are 7 simple ways to create a strong database.


  1. Add good, new contacts at every opportunity.

Sounds obvious, right? To ensure the quality of your email list, you must ensure that you’re constantly making efforts to grow it. This can easily be done by capturing email addresses at checkout (with consent), adding a download to a landing page on your website in exchange for the user’s email address, or even a simple subscription box in the footer of your website. The best email contacts usually come from warm leads or purchasers depending on your line of work.


   2. Create informative, individual email content.

By offering knowledge and value to your subscribers, they’re more likely to feel as though they have a relationship, and in turn loyalty, for your business. This type of content can also encourage subscribers to share the email with other people which can play a passive and effective part in list growth.


   3. Use direct links in your emails.

There are few things more likely to increase your bounce rate and create bad feeling than an email that doesn’t take you to the information you need. Incorrect and indirect links can leave the reader feeling frustrated and less likely to open your subsequent emails.


   4. Segmentation is your friend.

Tailored emails are more likely to convert readers. By creating targeted lists which you can base on lots of variables such as how many purchases, sign up point etc, you can increase the likelihood that people will engage with your content and go on to convert. Hubspot reported that marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue.


   5. Promote email subscription through your social channels.

The assumption is that your social followers have an interest in your brand, therefore you can advertise extra content and email exclusives to entice these followers to also subscribe to your emails.


   6. Study your data.

You can analyse user behaviour to refine the time and day of the week that your audience engages the most. Open rates, click-through rates and other key metrics can help you to understand which kinds of content your subscribers enjoy the most. Your data is the key to optimizing your campaigns and in turn preserving the quality of your email list.


   7. Utilise automated emails. 

Used properly, this is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers and allows you to funnel them through a process to optimise touch points with your business. They don’t take much effort to set up and will work hard in the background once they have been implemented.


These are just a few proven ways that you can grow your list and get it to work harder for you. Don’t have the time? We can help you. Just get in touch for more information.