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BIM Show Live 2020: BIM For Good


This week, the Ovationly team were lucky enough to attend BIM Show Live, the two-day conference provides a unique opportunity for built environment professionals to exchange knowledge on the emerging ideas and technological advancements in digital construction and beyond.




The organisers made a keen effort to make their conference sustainable, from ditching paper programmes through the development of their very own app, gifting attendees with totes made from recycled cotton and promoting plant-based food options, we could all take a leaf out of BIM’s sustainability book.

Guests were asked to remember their reusable water bottles and mugs. Water, tea and coffee refill stations were made available to guests with the simple request that attendees brought along their own vessel to support BIM Show Live’s quest to be carbon neutral by 2021. What’s more is that it was wonderful to see all attendees in full backing of this movement towards sustainable events that will make us one step closer to making the world a better place.




We have been working with the event organisers for the last 6 months helping with all aspects of digital marketing. Our team was responsible for the events’ digital communications, controlling community management and creating real-time content as the speakers took to the stage. 

It was brilliant to join forces once again with TyneSight Photographic Services, as he managed to produce a whopping 445 high-caliber images for us to use across BIM’s social platforms as the event was happening around us. 



We were able to encapsulate the speaker’s talk through the creation of high-quality imagery, using a reflective quote and sending it out across BIM’s social platforms before the talk had barely ended! We were blown away with the amount of engagement achieved through these posts, with the BIM audience keen to share their support and excitement that encompassed both days. 

It was fantastic to see attendees networking, engaging over the insightful talks that had taken place while enjoying the interesting exhibitions that BIM had to offer. And of course the cookies went down a treat, too. Thanks BIM!




If you, or members of your team are built environment professionals who are keen to gain knowledge on the emerging ideas and technological advancements in digital construction and beyond, you can find out more about BIM Show Live here: