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Instagram Event Stickers Teaser

Instagram EventS Stickers – A New Event Feature!

Instagram has recently been testing a new feature, which allows you to invite people to an event through your own Instagram story. This is only a User Interface screengrab that has been shared online and not currently available to all users, however, we wanted to explore the possibilities of such a feature should it become mainstream. 

As shown in the image above, a user can add the invite sticker to their story and add the necessary information, such as the name, date and location. There is also a button, in which people can respond to these events directly through the sticker, which provides an extra way for people to get their events out there and known.

Who Could Use Instagram Events Stickers?

Anyone will be able to use the feature, however, we believe it would be perfect for brands and business profiles, that could really utilise this new feature. They would be able to share exclusive events to their following audience, or with the ‘Close Friends List’ feature, provide only a selected few, the chance to attend an exclusive event or meeting. 

In addition to this, these events don’t need to be face-to-face. Although it could be some form of a real-life workshop or event, imagine the use and possibilities when just doing it over the web. It could be a live Q&A or a webinar of some kind, which the invitees could attend.

In the ever-growing popularity of Instagram stories, it offers a new way of connecting with different people and a different way of getting the most out of the app.

As this is just a test feature, there is no release date set on it yet.

What We Think About Instagram Event Stickers

We think this feature has the potential to be massive and could really help people get their events out there. However, one major downside that we do see to it, would be the misuse of it. We feel it may have to be monitored as anyone could put anything on there, which may not be an actual event, and may affect the use of it. 

We are already huge advocates of using Instagram Stories as part of your event and conference digital marketing strategy, so this feature will sit nicely within the already fantastic suite of tools available to help create more intrigue and excitement using Instagram stories.