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Instagram For Events

Should you be using Instagram for your Conference?

Social media is a forever changing medium. From personal accounts to business promotion. Keeping up to date with platform updates as well as educating ourselves along the way can be almost like a full-time job.

Conferences have relied on Twitter for a flurry of live tweets with dodgy iPhone photography for far too long – FB has introduced some new interesting features that can be used effectively for events and conferences. Linkedin is even eventually getting in on the act, but for some reason, Instagram is the social media platform usually left at the bottom of the pile for promoting events. Why?

Using Instagram is a fantastic way to create a brand identity and to get a following for the company. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin tend to take the lead with this. However, is it now time for Instagram to take first place?

  • After Facebook, Instagram is the most engaging social media platform, with 24 million active users in the UK alone.
  • Instagram users like over 4 billion posts a day.
  • Every day 500 million stories are uploaded.

Instagram has the perfect mix of permanent highly-styled visual content in the newsfeed, and ephemeral, quick, engaging, and fun content with stories.

So, how are we using it and what advice would we give if you want to take advantage of Instagrams features and userbase over the next 12 months?


Get Active – Start posting daily for your feed.

Set up a posting schedule but try not to overdo it. Remember the 5×5 rule. (Anywhere from 5 posts a week to 5 posts a day spread throughout stories and feed.) It is essential to consider the amount of content you have and how Instagram’s algorithm is behaving at the time. Too much content and it starts to get low engagement, too little, and you may face the same problems.

Consistency is critical (do not spam). Make your content pattern predictable, so people know what to expect from following your account.

When is the best time to post? Peak times. A little research into this can easily be found and help to get those likes and followers.

  • Morning Mooch – Waking up and checking social is the way most people start their day. So get some content out for the early risers before rush hour.
  • Lunchtime – Eat, Drink, Check Social & Repeat
  • Evening Scroll – From 7 pm onwards. I find this time is excellent. It gives people time to finish work, get home, have tea and then have some down-time which roughly translated is usually scrolling time.

Stories – From Hashtags, Gifs, Emoji’s, Music, Poll & Questions. What better way to create fun interactions with your followers? Stories are the best way to get the audience glued and wanting more. If you’re going to post ten times in 24 hours to ten times a week, make sure you keep it consistent.

Feed – Multiple photos. Why post one pic when you can post up to ten at one given time?


Instamessage – a free app for Android / iOS that helps you chat privately with other Instagrammers. The app is simple and easy to use, requiring no registration and uses your Instagram credentials to work.

Instafollow – Provides a dashboard of your following and follower numbers but also new followers. Users who have unfollowed you, those who are not following back and are not following you.


Build – Excitement in your story. Get the audience involved and interacting and wanting more. Questions and Polls are great for this.

Plan – Tickets sales. Competition to win tickets. Make your posts tell a story. Get the audience involved from the get-go.

Prep – Regular updates give people something to look forward to and maintain consistency. Taking shots from behind the scenes of the team on the day, the stage set up, the green room; an exclusive peek behind the curtain.

Post – Once the show is over you still can and should post content. Post-event content can be the best time to review and gives the audience and attendees a chance to look back and look forward to the next instalment.

The Next Step

It doesn’t just have to be about photos. Videos are fast becoming the new selfie. Videos can be 15 seconds long. However, with the use of IGTV, a video can be anywhere from 10 – 60 minutes.


Some of our findings from companies that we’ve worked with over the past 12 months have shown that organic engagement is on average at 30% from social network channels. There are 25 million business profiles. Users aren’t shy on following businesses and brands.

Business means Instagram
Instagram means business

We found working on conferences and events recently that we’ve had interaction from speakers who had shared our story posts onto their own personal Instagram page as well as sponsors, companies, and new followers who have liked and commented on posts.


So as you can see, we’re big fans of Instagram, if you follow the above tips you too can bring your event to life with this beautiful world of imagery and video.

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