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Whether full provision or integrated within your team, we will ensure every exciting aspect of your event is seen by most people. Our team can deliver high quality copywriting, social media comms, emails, or press releases. We have you covered.
Everything starts with an idea. We can work with you to help create a repeatable, sustainable, and impactful strategy that sell more tickets, communicate your whole event effectively, and help partners get the right amount of exposure ensuring happiness all round!
Does your event have a website or do you rely solely on things like Eventbrite and Facebook? We have built and helped manage websites for many events that allow organisers to create content and highlight their events easily.
Social media alone does not sell tickets; however, robust, healthy, targeted, and compliantly collected email lists do. It is essential that in several sales stages throughout your event marketing campaigns, you have this aspect covered. Want us to help you with that? We have a tonne of ideas...
Are you still relying on dodgy iPhone photography and live text tweeting to cover your event? Come on, you're better than that. You haven't put in all this effort and come this far to do that now, have you? From streaming to live video editing and live photography we've got it covered.


Our team assess your needs with you to discover the support and services you would benefit from across these key stages of your event.

Pre Launch
Launch campaigns are our bread and butter, we can help you build anticipation - build it and they will come.
Launch & Comms
From the moment you release your tickets to the day of your event, we can help you communicate why your event is unmissable.
In Event
Superpowered community management and world-class real-time content creation broadcast through traditional and digital media.
Post Event
We go again! We help you strike while the iron is hot, build upon that amazing feeling and start to build for your next instalment.

Over the years of partnering with events, we find that there is often a website, some social, an email list, and many other parts of the digital puzzle present. However, when we sit with organisers and show them our methods, we more than often see that each of these parts aren’t working as hard for them as they could be. We’re all interested in making our lives, and these fabulous events we’re part of more straightforward, right?


Each part of your events digital offering have varying impacts on your ability to sell tickets and build a community. We have years of experience and tonnes of data which help us formulate effective strategies with absolute confidence.

We thrive off working with passionate event organisers that value strong communications and understand the challenges events of all sizes face. Developing a loyal community is tough, in a world where we see 1000’s of advertisements and social messages every single day, we help you find a way to break through in a controlled, styled, and impactful way.

…developing a loyal community is tough, in a world where we see 1000’s of advertisements and social messages every single day, we help you find a way to break through in a controlled, styled, and impactful way…

If you feel the digital element of your event is lacking or could be improved then we would love to speak with you. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your event needs and how you feel you would like to solve any issue you’re having. Going into 2020 can you really afford not to have a cutting edge digital strategy for your event?

Laura Partridge
Great Exhibition Of The North
Project Lead

The work done on the Northern Powerhouse Business Summit really brought the event to life. The live social media element was a real highlight.

Emma Turnbull
Thinking Digital
Executive Producer

Sponsors and Partners often mention our approach to digital marketing, Steve and the team have done a great job developing that to where it is now”

Thomas Jackson
TyneSight Photographic Services
Creative Director

Having worked alongside Steve and the team on numerous events, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing first hand the immense impact that their approach has on engagement, impact, and brand recognition.

Sophie Headshot
Sophie Flanagan
Beaconhouse Events

Steve and the team bring great understanding of the digital marketing landscape and have become a vital part of our event team for Build IT Right Conference from strategy and audience building to engaging on the day coverage. As well as expertise, they bring creativity and an innovative approach to the project, making them a pleasure to work with.

Laura Richards
Sunderland Software City
Head of PR & Communications

The work Steve and his team did on the Northern Powerhouse Business Summit was a masterclass in audience engagement and digital marketing. Their approach led to stellar levels of engagement and a large part of why the event was a success.