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What DICE Are Doing To Create An Inclusive Events Culture For All

It’s 2020; huge steps have been taken in recent years to address gender pay gaps, inclusion, fairness, equality and diversity within the workplace and various industries. With that in mind, you would think that in 2020, organisers of industry events wouldn’t have to think twice about curating a lineup of diverse speakers, including both men and women from all ethic backgrounds, who are paving the way for innovation within their specialism. Of course that’s the case, right? Well unfortunately, newly-founded charter DICE are here to tell us how and why that isn’t always the case.

DICE, namely Diversity & Inclusion at Conferences and Events, are a newly-founded charter which aims to celebrate events organisers who work hard to curate diverse lineups and inclusive content. DICE aims to help events organisers think more about who they put on stages, as well as helping them understand what a huge part they play in the future of their industry. An event organisers job is undoubtedly no easy feat, but DICE wants to help us all do better.

Britain is a richly culturally diverse country, with figures showing that 50.8% of its population are female and 19.5% coming from ethnic minorities. This doesn’t change the fact that not always, but far too regularly, entire industries at UK events are represented by the same type of person. Therefore, the question arises, if minority members do not see themselves on stage, how can they feel as though they have a genuine, respected role within the industry? How does someone feel seen and heard? Representation on stages matters, and that’s exactly what DICE are here to address.

If you have an event whose agenda promotes progress and making a positive statement about the need for greater diversity and inclusion in events across every industry, you can become DICE certified to share your involvement and support whilst encouraging others to do so. We should all strive to be better in 2020.

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