What did we do?

In a new collaboration for 2020, we were asked to provide marketing for an established event in the North East, Bring It On. So that the event could still go ahead, we worked as part of the team that created and implemented a strategy to promote the virtual version – a series of web sessions to help school children learn about engineering careers.

Twitter impressions
Pieces of content

Bring It On

Whilst working on Bring It On, we were able to increase brand presence across both of the social platforms that we created content for – Twitter and Facebook.

During this time we used a range of content to promote the web sessions and to engage the Bring It On audience. Ultimately our aim was to drive traffic to the website for people to engage with the videos. Throughout our social campaign we used a range of copy using emojis, images and video accompanied by tagging the companies taking part and the sponsors involved.

Promoting Sponsorship

Promoting the sponsors of the event was a key point to include when creating the social content. These companies have supported the physical event and helped to fund the reimagined version so that it would still be able to go ahead despite the restrictions surrounding it. It was also great promotion for the supporters to be highlighted in partnership with such an innovative and valuable asset.

Content with Longevity

The format of Bring it On has reached a huge audience this year with potential global reach. The web sessions have leant themselves to being used as a resource to return to for schools so in those terms there’s engagement to come that hasn’t taken even place yet.

With a combination of the children/adult presenting, there is appeal across many age groups and the style of questioning formal and informal has also made the content more engaging.